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Welcome to the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation

The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (NPHF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of improving health status and quality of care through nurse practitioner innovations in clinical practice, education, research, health policy, and philanthropy. We provide resources that support the advancement of the nurse practitioner profession and focus our activities on making high quality healthcare accessible in the United States and globally.

NPHF's goals are to: 

Enjoy exploring our website and feel free to send us your questions and comments.  We invite you to consider becoming a volunteer for the NPHF- there are many opportunities to give your time and expertise to projects that truly make a difference in people's lives.

Phyllis Arn Zimmer, MN, FNP, FAANP, FAAN
Jennifer A. Koenig, MA, CCMEP
Director of Education and Special Projects
Marjorie Crabtree, DNP, ANP, FNP
Lead Nurse Planner


NPHF Continues Partnership with Derm for Primary Care®

The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (NPHF) is pleased to continue our partnership with Derm for Primary Care®, a digital learning platform developed for primary care providers where you will learn how to identify, diagnose and treat common skin conditions that routinely present in a primary care practice. Packed with photos and videos with text and audio, these courses provide clinical scenarios demonstrating how to develop treatment plans for a variety of dermatologic conditions. In addition, you will learn how to do top dermatologic office diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with step-by-step, easy-to-follow videos (e.g. skin biopsies, cryosurgery).

Develop or improve upon a skill set that few of your peers have. Derm for Primary Care® is used in NP training programs across the country and by advanced practice nurses alike. These dermatology courses improve diagnostic and treatment skills, allowing Nurse Practitioners, nurses and other members of the healthcare team to treat their patients, rather than referring them to a specialist. Preview a course by clicking here

Take advantage of a discount offered exclusively for NPHF learners. Enter the code NPHF20 when you register for a course at Derm for Primary Care and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your order. NPs and RNs may earn California BRN CE credit for an additional charge and receive a 10% discount as well.

Be sure to share this information with your NP and RN colleagues as the NPHF strives to bring you high quality educational opportunities that will enhance your clinical practice.



NPHF is Proud to Support Public Health Efforts to Achieve Safe Sharps Disposal is your one-stop-shop for guidance on how to dispose of home-generated, used sharps correctly. Learn about disposal options where you live and work by clicking on your state, or entering your ZIP code and check out the educational print resources available. After exploring the educational resources on the website, please complete their short survey to provide feedback that will be used to improve their site. 

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Updated and Extended!

Behavioral Strategies for Smoking Cessation: Practical Tools for Busy Primary Care Clinicians 

Program Description
This program is designed to increase the skills, motivation, and confidence of NPs and RNs to address smoking cessation with their challenging, non-adherent patients as well as patients who continue to smoke despite the efforts of their healthcare providers or in spite of the patient’s repeated expressed commitments to quit. Best practices for clinical treatments for smoking cessation among challenging persistent smokers will be presented, along with concrete behavioral counselling tips, references, and evidence-based resource materials. The goal of this program is to motivate and re-energize healthcare providers to treat and counsel smoking cessation more effectively and efficiently, especially for those patients who persist in smoking.


Online Programs in Chronic Low Back Pain and Managing Osteoarthritis

Pathways in Management: Chronic Low Back Pain and Osteoarthritis are interactive case-based learning activities that highlight current clinical management recommendations from various organizations and describe how to put them in practice.   Earn ANCC CE credit when you take each of these tuition-free programs! 

Pathways in Management: Chronic Low Back Pain: Click here for our updated online program or choose one of the live presentations to learn how to enhance quality of life for patients with CLBP.

Pathways in Management: Effectively Addressing OsteoarthritisClick here for our update online interactive progam or choose one of the live presentations to obtain current management information, practice tools, and resources to support the appropriate care of patients with osteoarthritis and to improve patients' quality of life. 

NPHF President Meets with Dr. Loretta Ford

IMG_4690.JPG NPHF President Phyllis Zimmer met with long-time friend and mentor, and co-founder of the nurse practitioner role, Dr. Loretta Ford.  They discussed healthcare issues and the evolving role of the nurse practitioner in the United States and globally.  Among the topics discussed were innovations in primary care and the on-going importance of the nursing component of the NP role.  Dr. Ford continues to advocate for a strong NP role in public health, health education, and advocacy.  The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation thanks Dr. Ford for her insight and ongoing committment to advancing healthcare through the nurse practitioner role.