Connecting Nurses

Connecting Nurses is an international initiative that brings nurses together on-line and in the "real world."  Developed in collaboration with the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation, International Council of Nurses (ICN), the Secrétariat International Des Infirmières et Infirmiers de l'Espace Francophone (SIDIIEF), and the Association Française pour le Développement de l'Education Thérapeutique (AFDET) with support from Sanofi, this project will be a forum for nurses from around the world to share ideas, advice, and innovations.  Connecting Nurses is hosting "Care Challenge" - a recognition program that will showcase nursing innovations.  There are 10 "Nurse in the Limelight" awards, and 10 "Helping Hand' Awards for nursing innovations supported by nursing organizations.  The Connecting Nurses "Care Challenge" is accepting applications for awards NOW - the deadline for applications is November 27, 2011.  The website is: